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Okay, so I’m going to do something very vulnerable.  I’m going to share my before and after pictures.

I remembered to take some ‘before’ pictures so I could track my progress but hadn’t been bothered about taking any more because I thought it would be too soon to see any changes.  However, many people post their pictures on THM Facebook pages – some people even after attempting THM for a week.  And you know what?  You can totally see a difference.  What really spurred me one was one lady commenting that even though the scales hadn’t budged in ages for her, she’d still dropped THREE dress sizes.  While out shopping this week I was stunned to discover I could fit into clothes that were two sizes smaller than pre-THM.  So I dusted off the camera.

Here goes:

Two months on THM

Two months on THM

I can see that I have lost quite a bit of weight around my mid-section, my arms and my face.  I even have a waist.

Whilst I am reluctant to share these pictures with the interweb, I hope that others doing THM are encouraged.  You may not see the numbers on the scale decrease to your liking, but things will be happening nonetheless.