Hi friends,

I just wanted to let you know that this is the end of the road for Giving Up Sugar.  I’ve loved this blog, and have enjoyed being part of the sugar free community, but I just don’t think I have anything else useful to add.   My heart wants to write different stuff now.



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Giving up the white poison is awesome, and it WILL transform your relationship with food.  It’s really hard at first – and for some people, it will mean a big change in your regular diet, but it gets easier over time.  Eventually you rarely think about sugary treats at all.

I’m not going to stop blogging.  If you are interested, you can follow me on my other blog Tots in Tawhero.  The blog is definitely a work in progress, but I will be writing regularly on Tots in Tawhero next year.  It’s more of a ‘life’ blog about parenting, community, and more of my brain dumps.  You can follow us as we go on a Trim Healthy Mama journey and take a year long spending fast.  Oh yep, it’s gonna be an interesting year!

Thanks for coming with me as I battled with my sugar addiction.  If my ramblings helped you with your own journey, awesome.  I wish you nothing but the best.  If you have just started getting sugar free – YOU CAN DO IT, I promise.

Blessings and light to you all,