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He’s here!

Our wee man

Our wee man


After a loooong labour (seriously, he must not have got the memo about subsequent labours being much shorter than first births…) he arrived just in time for dinner on Monday night.  Daniel is perfectly healthy and feeding like a pro.  After the troubles and stress we had with his sister in her early weeks, it feels surprisingly healing to experience a ‘textbook’ newborn (at least he is for now!).

So far we are coping well and are getting enough sleep to be somewhat coherent.  Eloise is curious about her little brother, but as he’s not doing much other than eat, cry, sleep and look around a bit, she hasn’t been put out by his arrival on the scene.

Foodwise, normal eating is out the window as our church has kindly provided us with meals for a week.  It’s been great not having to wrangle a toddler and a feeding newborn while trying to make a meal, so we are eating whatever is put in front of us with gratitude.  My back was also rather battered during labour – hopefully nothing too long-lasting – so not having to stand to cook has been a real blessing.

Despite the sleep deprivation and a very sore back, I feel better than I have in months!  It’s looking likely that I have kissed that stupid pregnancy-related fatigue goodbye.  Phew!  I’m looking forward to getting on with life and picking up this blog again.