Today I am four days overdue with our second child. As our daughter was over two weeks late and needed to be induced, I am not holding my breath that our boy will come soon.

I know due dates should be held lightly but I’m finding as I wake each morning to the thought of ‘Darn! No labour pains woke me up in the night’, my frustration is mounting. A small part of me is quite happy for him to remain where he is so that the weeks of sleep deprivation are put off a teensy bit further, but most of me is going ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE COME OUT!’

Of course, I’m sooooo excited to see our boy (going by the last ultrasound he’s going to be D’s Mini-Me) – but I simply cannot wait to get my ‘life’ back. I’ve had a rough pregnancy which has seen me battling fatigue for months on end, having to quit my job, and putting my eldest child into daycare.

tired woman


I apologise for the lack of sugar-free posts, but I just haven’t had any oomph to spare.

We’re hoping to have this baby at home (I have nothing against hospital births, I just can’t get any sleep in hospitals) but if I need another induction, I’ve made my peace with that.  After I’ve had the baby it might be a while before I am coherent enough to blog again, but I promise to return 🙂