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Yesterday I had a great day.  I felt…normal.

feeling good

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Eloise had a Plunket appointment in the afternoon, so there wasn’t much point in her going to her carer for the afternoon.  It was the first afternoon I’ve had in ages where looking after her didn’t feel like a massive struggle.  Often my pregnancy fatigue has me clock-watching when I have Eloise to myself of an afternoon; I’m usually willing time to go faster so that D can help me once he’s finished work.  Not that Eloise is a tough kid – in fact she’s a generally a very placid and happy little girl.  But the fatigue often means I am too tired to go for walks, go to the playground or to go visiting, so those afternoons when she’s not in care can draaaaaag.  And it can make for one bored toddler (although I am fortunate that she is obsessed with books and is happy to be read to for quite a while)!

It felt wonderful to care for my child all day by myself without wilting like a lettuce leaf.  I’d almost forgotten what it felt like.

I am now officially into the third trimester, so it does feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Despite resembling a beached narwhal (minus the adorable pointy tusk), when I am not fatigued I have generally fared much better this pregnancy than my last one.  Hardly any nausea, heartburn, *ahem* constipation etc.

I’m also at a point where I feel ready to give Trim Healthy Mama eating a go.  THM is an insanely popular book in Christian circles and seems to be a successful way of eating for many, many people.  In a nutshell, THM is a carb-controlled eating plan that emphasises ditching sugar and most carbs, and embracing healthy fats and whole foods (as such, it is not a huge change to how we eat anyway).  If you want to make the most of the recipes in the tome-like book, it does require some expensive and hard-to-find-in-New-Zealand ingredients – but the ‘plan’ can be followed without it.

I don’t want to go into the THM way of eating as the authors do such a great job of explaining how tweaking what you eat in combination can make a difference to whether you burn fat or store it.  And it would make this post extremely long!  Let me just say that THM makes good sense to me and does not involve complicated food restrictions or calorie-counting.  THM not a ‘diet’ – because it would be all kinds of crazy to go on a diet while pregnant(!).  Again, there is no calorie counting in THM.  I can eat as much as I like, and there is lots of great advice in the book and on Facebook for those of us who are pregnant or nursing as our nutritional requirements are different.

I’ve made several aborted attempts to start THM over the past few months, but have been thwarted by pregnancy food aversions (I couldn’t face eating eggs, for example) which seem to have finally gone away.  I’ve been a Facebook THM member for several months now, and hardly a day goes by without someone posting their weight loss or improved health success story.  Many members have posted about how GOOD and how ENERGETIC they feel on the THM way of eating, and that’s why I have been desperate to give it a go.

I’ll keep you posted.