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…get Rotavirus.

Last week was very ‘ugh’ at our house.  Eloise got sick first (and recovered quickly, thank goodness), then D and then me.  D and I were so sick we weren’t able to care for Eloise, so she was cared for by a friend from Church until my mother-in-law was able to get her.  We are incredibly blessed to have people we can call on at times like these!

Needless to say the 12WBT went out of the window for most of the week, and I’m only at the point now of having enough energy to exercise.  I did however lose 3 kilos over 24 hours, but I’d rather not have had the rotavirus to do it 🙂

Today I will start with some gentle exercise and then get back into the programme tomorrow.  I can’t wait for this week to be over and done with.  Eloise and I are moving to our new town on Wednesday as the movers turn up to pack our stuff, D follows on Friday, and our stuff gets delivered on Saturday.  I just want to be unpacked and so we can get on with life!

Now gentle reader, I must confess to eating some sugar yesterday…okay, lots of sugar.

D and I put on morning tea for our church yesterday and I easily resisted the sugary treats on offer there.  My sugar resistance mojo was strong, as usual.  But last night D and I were sitting watching a movie (totally recommend Now You See Me – best movie I’ve seen in ages) when we suddenly heard the jingle of a Mr Whippy ice cream van.  I haven’t had a Mr Whippy ice cream in years.  I can only describe that music as being akin to the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  It was like D and I were transported back to being six years old.  We looked at each other.  There was no need for words.   I swear D literally flew out the door and came back bearing two ice creams.  With ‘Flakes’.  Dipped in chocolate.  I grabbed mine with the same sort of childish glee I’d reserved for my collection of My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

I seriously cannot believe we did that!  I don’t even like ice cream that much!  That was a trigger I never anticipated.

Neither of us were able to eat our entire cones as they were sickly, and I KNOW we will pay for it today with tiredness and generally feeling rubbish!  Anyway, I’m quite confident that there will be no more Mr Whippy cones in my future, no matter how much that tinny version of ‘Greensleeves’ tugs at my childhood heartstrings.

Self firmly placed back on the wagon.