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My 12 week body transformation programme started off with a bit of a hiss rather than a roar.  Bad weather scuppered my plans to exercise outdoors (seriously Wellington, what’s with all the wet mornings lately?!), so I worked out to a video on YouTube instead.  I was disappointed at not being able to get outside as the 10K exercise plan looks really good.  And very achievable.  Ah well – tomorrow!

I was laid low over the weekend with a bit of a bug so D did the shopping in preparation for the week – which he described as an ‘epic shop’.  It was certainly a lot more expensive than our usual grocery bill, but then we did get some items that we wouldn’t normally buy and which will be used in subsequent weeks (olive tapenade anyone?).

I was excited to get the meal plan, and even more excited to see that the food looked delicious and didn’t require loads of outlandish ingredients.  It also didn’t look terribly different from what D and I usually eat, although the lunches are definitely more elaborate.  The plans are very flexible, so if you don’t like something you can swap it out for something else that you do like.  Personally, I love trying out new recipes, so there’s a few things in this week’s food that I wouldn’t normally cook for D and I.

I must admit that I am very pleased the food plan is flexible as I hated today’s breakfast.  It was Strawberry ‘Bruschetta’.  I am one of those strange breeds of people who don’t like sweet things for breakfast, but I thought ‘what the heck, I love strawberries’.  It took up my fructose allowance for the day, but that’s okay.

The meal was very simple – two pieces of wholemeal toast (the bruschetta), spread with ricotta cheese, topped with strawberries and sprinkled with some raw cacao powder (that was my addition, Michelle’s recipe uses plain cocoa).  I love every single item individually, but together it tasted…wrong.  I dunno, it’s probably just me being picky, folks.

It looked so yummy!

It looked so yummy!

I ate the breakfast around 8am and was hungry by 10am.  By 10:45am I had to have a snack.  I normally have a high protein breakfast which keeps me going until 1 or 2pm, so I will definitely be swapping out the bruschetta for a bacon and egg ‘roll’ in the future, as I know I won’t need any snacks.

Fortunately the rest of today’s food looks terrific.  They say that 80% of your weight is due to the food you eat, so I will be very interested to see how I look and feel after following the plan.

And on that note, I have been doing a little better than when I last blogged.  I got my butt out of bed to exercise several times last week, and tried a really delicious drink designed especially for those suffering from adrenal burnout (thanks so much for that harrisfamilyadventure!).  It’s from the book ‘Trim Healthy Mama‘, and the authors advocate a whole food, low carb, low sugar diet.  I think the combinations they want you to eat foods in sounds a little complicated (bear in mind I haven’t got my copy yet so I’m just going on what I read on the net)  but sustainable, and seems to be changing the lives of thousands of people for the better.  I’ve ordered their book and will do a review of it on here at some point.  I plan to give it a whirl next year once I’ve finished with 12wbt.