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Our food today was pretty much the same as yesterday’s, so I won’t bore you with the details.

One big difference between today and yesterday:  I’m HUNGRY.

I haven’t felt this hungry since before I quit sugar.  I’d almost forgotten what it’s like.  (These days I hardly ever snack as my three square meals fill me up nicely.)  Although it’s not the panic-inducing, gnaw-my-own-arm-off kind of hunger that was fuelled by sugar, my tummy has felt slightly rumbly for most of the day.  I also feel tired.  It’s so weird, it’s not as if we aren’t eating reasonably well.  As I’m not eating sugary things, I can only put it down to a lack of protein.

I saved half a carrot from yesterday’s food, and by mid-afternoon was very glad I’d done so.  D and I had carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter which kept us going until dinner.  I’ve been eyeing up Eloise’s baby food, but fortunately her pureed chickpea doesn’t look that appealing.

Reflecting on today, I realised until now I have NEVER looked at a loaf of bread to see how many slices it contains so it can be rationed out.  I have NEVER carefully measured out how much milk I put on my weetbix.  I have always had the money to go buy more if I needed to.  Imagine what it’s like not to.  And you have kids.

So I will put up with my hunger and be grateful that when I usually feel this way, I have the money to get more food.