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Due to being sick for two boring weeks a while back, I realised I needed to revise my running goals.

I’m now on week 7 of Couch to 5K (wahoo!) and should now be running 5ks by mid-September.

Sadly the fun run/walk for A Girl Called Hope won’t be happening in Wellington as they can’t find anyone to organise it.  If I wasn’t so busy myself, I would offer to do it.   (If you live in Wellington, and have good organisational skills, give them a call.)  This is a real shame as they are an amazing charity who deserve the publicity and financial support the run/walk brings them.

So I’ve had to find another charity event to train for (there’s a bit of a dearth of them until November), and I have decided to run in the Run for Relief 7k challenge.  Run for Relief helps support Burmese citizens who are hiding/living in fear from the Burmese government.  Every $50 raised helps provide enough food and emergency supplies for a month for people hiding out in the Burmese jungles.  I’ve had a lot to do with refugees in both my working and voluntary life, so I’m looking forward to running for this cause.


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Run for Relief hold events all over the world, so if you’re a runner, and this cause meets with your values then do sign up.  The Wellington run isn’t until November which gives me plenty of time to train for 7ks.

I’ve been running every other day, except for the odd occasion that it’s raining. Part of me still can’t believe I have the motivation to do so!  Let alone ENJOY it.  My legs feel stronger and more toned.  My recovery is taking less and less time, and I’ve noticed that it’s getting easier to climb the hills that surround where we live.  I sure as heck get all hot and sweaty during my runs, but the ever-increasing distances feel manageable.

I’ve stopped weighing myself – I was getting a bit obsessed, and frustrated by the scales not going down.  I don’t know if I’ve lost any more weight, but my clothes think I have.  They are certainly getting loose.

I’m looking forward to more good weather so I can get back to running in my local park.  The park is surrounded by native bush on two sides, and the birds start up their dawn chorus at the time that I run although they have to compete with my playlist (I’m currently addicted to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack).

Do you have any exercise goals?