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My beloved big brother is turning 40 in a few weeks, and I am making the cake for the shindig he’s got planned.

This cake is going to knock his socks off; it’s going to be so awesome.  It may be Star Wars-related, as my brother J is the world’s biggest Star Wars fan.  Oh no he isn’t, I hear you say.

Trust me.  HE IS.  The force is strong within him.

There is nothing J doesn’t know about Star Wars.  Or own that’s Star Wars related.  In fact, I once had a guy ask me out because he was so impressed with my Star Wars knowledge (that’s what happens when you watch the original trilogy a gazillion times as a kid).  Oh yeah, I know my x-wing from my tie fighter.


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J’s birthday party is three weeks away so I’m doing a trial run of his cake today, just in case my cake idea doesn’t work out.  I love baking, but am no cake decorating expert.  My design is a bit fiddly, but hopefully I can pull it off.

J and his wife have been trying to be sugar-free for a while now, but J has requested a chocolate mud cake.  And hey, it’s his 40th birthday.  If you can’t eat some cake on your 40th birthday, well, what’s the point?  I managed to find a recipe that will feed around 40-50 people, which is about the number of people expected to be at the party.

This cake has an unholy amount of sugar.  And dark chocolate.  Not to mention 500 grams of butter.  (Well, it is for 40 people…)

As I was melting the chocolate, butter and sugar I was overwhelmed by the sweet smell.  Not in a good way.  The cake is in the oven right now, wafting out sweet, chocolately aromas, and all I can think is ‘ewwwwwww’.  The smell is making me feel a tad nauseous, it’s so cloying.

In my sugary past I would have nibbled on the blocks of chocolate as they went into the bowl to be melted, and enjoyed licking the bowl clean (if D didn’t get to it first).  Today I felt no compulsion to do so at all.

Isn’t that just amazing folks?

I am going to have to eat a sliver of that cake to make sure I’m happy with it, in case the recipe needs tweaking.  Then D is going to whisk that cake away and give it to his work mates to eat.  I won’t be sorry to see it go.

If the cake I make for my brother’s birthday is a success, I will post pictures, I promise.

May the force be with you!