When I was writing my running goals the other day I hadn’t factored in getting sick.

Eloise and I caught colds off D and they started out like normal colds do.  But then bam!  We were both down for the count.  Trust me, nothing sucks more than having a sick baby than being sick at the same time yourself.  We are such a sad pair at the moment.  Poor Eloise has had to go on medication for her hacking cough, and I feel like the Atlantic Ocean has taken up residence in my eyes, nose and chest.

I haven’t been running since Sunday – although I had intended to on Tuesday but was thwarted by rain.  It’s just a nasty head/chest cold, but I have zero energy.  I have a bad history of developing pneumonia (a legacy of getting pneumonia as a child) so I have to treat myself with kid gloves whenever I get a cold.    Anyway, I’m doing as little as possible and trying to be kind to myself so I get better faster.  In between caring for Eloise I’ve been doing little more than lying on the couch watching TV shows.  I’d like to think I look like this:

Worried woman hand to forehead seen from above lying down on psychiatrist therapy couch


But in reality I look more like this:

woman 2


Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow for my next run.