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Shortly after my last post, my laptop – I call him Nigel* – froze, and when rebooted refused to start up.  D pronounced Nigel dead at the scene, saying I either needed a new hard drive or  I should trade Nigel in for a sleeker, sexier model.  I protested.  I couldn’t part with Nigel!  Nigel and I have been through so much together.  Nigel was there during my darkest days of burnout.  He was there when I recovered.  He’s seen me get married and have a child.  We have history, man.  Besides, Nigel has all my photos.


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I felt almost naked without Nigel.  How would I write my blog?  I love writing my blog, it’s like free therapy.  With nice, encouraging people thrown in.  It helps me keep track of how I’m doing, and keeps me honest.  Also, how would I cope without my latest obsession of checking to see where in the world people are reading my blog? (Hello, Estonia.  Thanks for stopping by.)

Fortunately D is a ridiculously-clever-genius-computer-guru, so he spent the last couple of days working like a trojan to fix it.  I was in a bad mood about something else so he felt a little underwhelmed by my appreciation of his mad skills.  Sorry D.  You’re awesome.  Thank you for your expertise and time.

I was in a total grump about something yesterday and I ate everything I could get my hands on.  Sugar free of course.  Gah!  Comfort eating seems to be so ingrained in me.  I know I’m doing it, I sit down and identify why, but still I eat.  I really hope I can conquer this.
The only shining light in my sad pity party was that I didn’t cave in and eat chocolate, my usual go-to balm back in my addicted days.

I was foiled by rain today in my running ambitions, but I intend to go for a run first thing tomorrow.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

This post is rather random, but the moral of the story is:  Marry a computer geek.  And try not to stuff your face when you’re having a bad day.

* I always name electrical appliances and cars.  It’s way more fun to get mad at ‘Nigel’ or ‘Boris’ when they don’t work.  Try it, you’ll see.