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I slept badly last night as I’d planned to go running this morning and I knew it was going to hurt.  My muscles had been protesting loudly after Monday’s run, and I’ve been moving around like I’m 90.  But I got my gear ready again last night, and trotted outside in the FREEZING cold at 6:20am for my run.

It wasn’t that bad.  I’m starting over with the Couch to 5k programme, so I’m just doing interval training at the moment.  I had one round of running where I could probably have shuffled faster than I was running, but otherwise my sore limbs and I coped just fine.  It was just the ticket for dealing with the frosty morning here in Wellington!


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I’ve been (mostly) sugar-free for several weeks now – except for those well-meaning bits here and there – and I’m doing ok, thank you very much.   Here’s some changes I’ve noticed:

  • I can go longer between meals.  I can get to 11:30am without needing a snack.  I still need something in the afternoon (might have to experiment with eating more protein for lunch), and I don’t need a snack after dinner anymore.  I still think I’m eating more than I need to at each meal, but I have noticed that it takes less food now before I feel full.
  • I hardly ever think about the sweet stuff.  Thoughts of chocolate aren’t crowding my mind these days.  Having said that, I did have a craving for some the other day, so D got me some sugar-free chocolate, but that was enough, and I haven’t wanted more since.  For me this is a huge deal.  When I’m on the sugar, getting my next fix consumes me.  I plan what delectable treat I will have next.
  • I feel like my mind is sharper – and that’s really saying something when you have baby-brain.  I just feel like I’m being more productive during the day.

What I haven’t noticed yet:

  • Much weight loss.  As this is one of my leading motivations for living fructose-free, it’s soooo annoying.  I feel like I should have lost some weight as a reward or something.  But I know it will come.  I’m hoping the running will help with this.
  • A change in my energy levels.  I have hypothyroidism, so this isn’t too surprising.  I still have times when I feel like a slug.

What changes have you noticed since quitting sugar?