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After making a solemn vow the other day to not consume any sugar until my brother’s 40th birthday (in September), I was once again hoisted by my own petard.  Namely my politeness and not wanting to offend.  I hadn’t had anything sugary for ages, and was feeling really good about sticking to my resolution.

A dear, dear friend of mine who lives in Auckland texted me to say she was in town, and could she visit?  A real spur of the moment thing.  She’s one of my favourite people, and I was so excited to see her since it had been several months since her last visit.

She turned up, and after the requisite cuddles and cooing over how much Eloise has grown, she gave D and I some cake so we could all have afternoon tea.

Eloise 5 months in car

Gratuitous Eloise shot

It was carrot cake, which she knows is my favourite.  Now my friend has her own battles with food, allergies and weight, and is careful about what she eats, so I was surprised that she showed up with cake.  I ate a slice out of politeness, which  in hindsight was really stupid as my friend would have understood if I told her I was avoiding eating any sugar at all for the next few months.

After Church yesterday we had lunch with friends.  These friends are not people I would normally have told about my sugar-free status – I just don’t have those sort of conversations with them.  Along with lunch they gave us gingerbread, and I ate a slice out of politeness.

You see a theme here?

I worry far too much about other people’s feelings.  I ate the cake because my friend had taken the trouble to pick out my favourite one and buy it.  I ate the gingerbread because our friends had taken the time to make it and to invite us into their home.  I didn’t want anyone to be annoyed with me if I said no to the food.

The reality is that these people are my friends.  Sure, they might get a bit miffed that I don’t want their treats, but they are nice people who will understand.

Anyway, the good news is that I have now gotten over myself.