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It’s been a weird week, my friends.  D is away in the States for work, so my Mum (aka Nana) is here to lend a hand with Miss Eloise.

We’ve had a lovely time, especially as Nana and Eloise seem to find each other mutually hilarious.  Having a house guest has thrown my routine out of whack, leading to this week feeling like a bit of a struggle, sugar-wise.

I haven’t had time to make sugar-free snacks.  We’ve also eaten out quite a bit so temptation has been in my face more than usual.  I’ve only had sugar once though, and that was on my wedding anniversary.  (How sad is it to spend your anniversary with your Mum!)  D and I are planning to celebrate it when he returns, but my Mum insisted on treating me to a special lunch and a movie (loved Star Trek: Into Darkness) on the day.  I had a very unsatisfying piece of cake with lunch, and paid the price in the form of headaches and cravings for the next few days.  Sugar hurts.

Celebrating special occasions with food is a normal part of life, but if I’m ever going to withdraw properly, I’m just going to have to say no to desserts for a while.  It just feels so ‘Grinchy’ to do this, like I’m saying no to the celebration itself – which of course is a ridiculous thought.  But it’s time to get all boot-camp on myself!


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