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Since coming home from my time with R, I feel like I have a new zest for life.  My energy levels have been high, which has enabled me to be very productive.  I feel enthusiastic about life, and my brain is generally pondering a zillion things all at once.  I got so much done around the house yesterday I’ve been twiddling my thumbs today.


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R is quite the Glamazon and is one of those people who manages to look good, even in track pants.  She takes great care with her appearance and always has done since I’ve known her.  Being around her the last week has inspired me to do the same.  Now, I am not really the ‘casual’ clothes type so I generally do look neat and tidy, but during my pregnancy I was too busy feeling ill or tired to bother making much of an effort.

The last few days I have taken care to dress well and take more time with my hair and makeup.  It’s amazing how much better I feel about myself because of it.

Today I ate a doughnut (c’mon, if a two year old proudly brought you a lurid orange iced doughnut when he came to visit, what would you do?  It was awful by the way), but other than that I am still sugar-free.  Last night as I was lying in bed reflecting on the day I was delighted to realise that I hadn’t craved anything sugary all day.  Not even once.  No longings for a chocolate bar or a piece of cake.  Awesome.

I’m remembering what my sugar-free life was like in the past.  It was free of the cravings which plagued me as soon as I fell off the wagon.  I’d also like to think the lack of fructose is responsible for my increased energy levels and clear head.

Cheers David Gillespie.  I’ve thanked you before, but it needs to be said again.  Keep up the good work mate, you’re changing lives.