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I had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago.  I was absolutely petrified going into the surgery.  D came with me, while my Mum stayed home with Eloise.  D’s presence helped me to keep calm, as I had visions of waking up in lots of pain with a big scar on my tummy.  The Anaesthetist allayed my fears by assuring me that the pain medication would stop this.  And a hilarious Irish registrar told me my scars would be so minimal, and anyway ‘scars are sexy, don’t you know’.

As I got onto the Operating table, I thanked everyone profusely, and woke up two hours later feeling like I’d had a really, really good nap.  I had four teeny scars, and felt remarkably well.

I was treated with kindness and respect by the staff at Wellington Hospital, especially the nurses.  When they found out I had a wee baby at home, they did everything they possibly could to give me a good night’s sleep (‘This will be like a holiday for you!), which included giving me a room to myself.

I was very grateful for my Mum’s help when I got back home.  She retired this year, and kindly offered to come and stay with us for the week to help with Eloise.  I was told to take it easy for 6 weeks, and not lift anything heavy – anything over 5 kilos was considered heavy. Eloise is 5.5 kilos, and I could really feel the strain if I tried to pick her up off the floor.

We’d already planned to visit my parents the following week, as D had a very busy week because of his studies.  Eloise and I decamped to the Parental house (much to Nana’s delight), and I was able to get a good rest.  One week after the surgery I felt pretty much back to normal.

I’m pretty lucky!  I know several people who took weeks to recover.  I also haven’t experienced any side effects yet, which is another blessing.

Apart from a wedding the weekend after the surgery, I have managed to eat sugar-free, and it is certainly feeling easier and easier to do.  I had toyed with the idea of not eating any sugar at the wedding, as I knew it would stall my withdrawal, but these were dear friends and occasions don’t get much more special than weddings, do they?  I had a brilliant time at the wedding, and got back on the sugar-free wagon the following day.

On ANZAC day Eloise and I went to stay with my best friend R.  We had a great time, and I have come away with a new zest for looking after myself.  R lives in the countryside, so visits to her house are always relaxing and quiet.  Eating sugar-free was no trouble at R’s house.  She recently started going to a nutritionist after feeling a bit meh for several weeks.  He’d put her on an eating plan to test for any intolerances, so she was eating gluten-free, sugar-free and low carb while I was with her.  She and I have a long history of trying new things to improve our health and well-being, so I shall be watching her progress with great interest.

R and I are going to Australia at the end of September to attend a friend’s wedding.  We met this Aussie friend while we taught English in Korea, so we are looking forward to a good catch-up with her.  R’s partner has recently moved to Australia (she’s joining him at the end of the year, sob!) so she wants to look fabulous for her partner after several months absence.

We’ve both chosen wanting to look our best for the wedding as motivation to eat well and to exercise.  We’re calling it ‘Operation Hot Friends’ 🙂  We’re going to keep each other accountable by skyping each week, and sharing our goals, exercise plans and weight loss on shared google documents.  It’s a bit of fun, and I feel quite confident that getting healthy together will work in plenty of time for the wedding.  Look out Australia!