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Well, I survived the weekend and am still fructose-free.

I spent most of it feeling awful.  I had a constant headache, tired limbs and felt fatigued.  Withdrawing from sugar is no picnic.

But I’m through the worst of it and my motivation is still high.  I was kind to myself and said ‘no’ to social engagements to avoid any sugary temptations.  I kept telling myself that the good outweighs the bad.  I know how much better I feel when I am off sugar.  It did mean I missed out on a really fun party, but considering how I felt physically, it was probably just as well I stayed in.  I cheered myself up by spending Saturday night watching frivolous and frothy movies (like Pitch Perfect, how fun is that!).

I only had one time over the weekend when I really wanted something sweet, and that was when D, Eloise and I went for a walk along the coast.  Somehow the seaside always means ice cream!

D made a rather big decision yesterday – to buy a house.  It’s probably not going to happen for at least a year, but it’s exciting to think we might actually do it.  I may be ridiculously excited at the prospect of being able to get a dog if we’re not renting anymore!  We can’t remotely afford to live in the area we are currently renting in and it will be a wrench to leave.  We have our ‘Team’ of good friends living up the road who are still working with those in need in our local community, a bunch of fabulous neighbours (we have 3 babies on my street so we’ve formed quite a club!), and our place is handy to the CBD and other amenities.

Moving means we’ll have to go FAR into the ‘burbs and out of Wellington proper.  D had lived in Wellington all his life, so it will be out of his comfort zone.  But I think he’s rather looking forward to this prospect.  D is training to be a church Minister and when he is finally ordained we could end up anywhere in New Zealand.  So this little move will be good practice for us to make new friends and get involved in a new church community.  I’m looking forward to it – I’ve lived in several countries so moving across town doesn’t phase me.

I have my surgery tomorrow which I’m trying not to freak out about.  I know it will be fine, it’s such a routine surgery, but I’ll have a few weeks of feeling sore.  But hey, no more gallbladder attacks!