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I had my 6-week scan yesterday which confirmed that yes, I do have a sack of baby cells right where they should be.  It was quite a relief to find that all is well.

So far I have been lucky and have only had one bout of morning sickness.  Maybe it will hit me in the next few weeks – but I’m hoping I will be one of those lucky ladies who don’t get it at all.

I will be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and weird things are already happening to my relationship with food.

Ok, so no morning sickness, and no super-human-sense-of-smell, but I have definitely started to go off certain foods.  Like right now, the thought of having anything milky or creamy makes me think ‘bleeugh!’.  This is playing havoc with my beloved meal-planning.  D and I started meal-planning several months ago to help save money, food wastage and time at the supermarket (I HATE supermarket shopping) and time spent faffing around thinking ‘ummm, what do I want for dinner?’.  It’s awesome, and really works for us.  But last night I could not face cooking our planned Green Curry Chicken.  Meal-planning is just gonna have to go out the window for the next few months.

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Today I have had a strong craving for orange juice, which is not the best when one is trying to live as sugar-free as possible.  I finally gave in this afternoon and bought two oranges.  Of course, this doesn’t get you much juice, but it hit the spot.    I really hope that this doesn’t continue, but if it does then I’m going to be kind to myself and just have the damn juice.  At least I’ll make it myself, so I know there’s no added sugar, like so many of the commercial brands of juice.

I’ve also been hungrier than usual, and am trying to have protein with breakfast (my second craving is for bacon), and limiting any extra food to vegemite on toast or crackers.

I went for a run today, and plan to continue running for as long as I can.  I feel good that this baby will be getting a great start nutritionally courtesy of his sugar-free Mum.

Also, I started a new job last week.  It’s part-time, which just feels perfect for my situation right now.