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Last night I found out I’m pregnant!

Bar getting engaged and married to D, seeing that plus sign come up on the pregnancy test was the most stunning moment.  I burst into tears, and raced out to the living room.  D was on a conference call (he’s studying by distance), and I yelled something like ‘Can you get off the phone right NOW please?’  He thought something awful had happened.

We both sat around like stunned mullets in shock for a bit, and then amused ourselves thinking of silly baby names – our current favourite is Agamemnon (just a name from Greek Mythology I’ve always remembered).  Imagine calling that to ‘come in for dinner!’ 🙂

I like to think that going sugar-free and losing weight gave me a helping hand in the conception battle.  Interestingly, since going sugar-free, I’ve had to lower my dose of thyroid medication.  My thyroid levels will have to be very closely monitored now, as you can miscarry if the levels aren’t quite right.  But I do wonder if being sugar-free has improved my thyroid function somewhat.

Anyway, aside from our ‘team’ in our Christian community, we’re not telling anyone, including our parents, until it looks like all is well.  But it’s nice to be able to share my news anonymously with you all out there in Blogland.  If you’re of the praying persuasion, I’d appreciate your prayers that everything will be just fine.