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I am mostly managing to avoid sugar, although I am finding that the temptation to have just ‘a little bit of something’ is rearing it’s ugly head.  Last weekend I went on an overnight camp with the Christian community I’m involved in, and somehow found myself on dessert duty! (I know, cruel right?)

I made pear tarts which had caramel condensed milk as a topping.  And of course, by the time they were ready I was salivating, so I ate one.  And then yesterday I made a sugar-free chocolate brownie recipe for my after-school club kids.  But then I caved and put some chocolate bits in it, because I didn’t think they would eat it otherwise.  And you guessed it,  I ate some (two pieces!) of that too.  My weight loss has stalled, and D and I haven’t run all week (due to a combo of poor sleep and seriously crappy weather).  Blah, blah, grumble, grumble…

Real life is starting to creep in, folks.  From what I’ve read on the Sweet Poison forum, it’s common to get a bit lax on the no-sugar thing and before you know it, you’re addicted again.  The other day I found myself thinking ‘Do I really have to eat this way for the rest of my life?’

Yes.  Yes, I probably do.

Aussie’s channel 7 show about Sweet Poison screened here on Sunday, and I’ve been very interested in the response to it.  My parents have decided to go sugar-free, for one thing.  Nutritionists seem to be giving it a bad rap, and any food company that uses sugar, is dismissing David Gillespie’s claims about sugar as ridiculous.

Now, I am not a nutritionist.  I have done no research into sugar and its effects on our bodies, other than using my own body as an experiment.  But let me tell you – this going sugar-free thing WORKS.  It’s not easy, as temptation is just about every damn place you turn.  And most of us have moments of weakness where we think ‘this little bit of chocolate isn’t going to hurt me’.

But…aside from my recent slip-ups where temptation was totally in my face, I rarely think about sweet stuff any more (insert miracle here).  And even though my weight hasn’t gone down much in the past couple of weeks, people are really beginning to notice that I have lost weight.  Actually, I tend to get comments like ‘MY GOD, you’ve lost weight!’  It’s only 7 kilos on a frame with lots more to lose, but even I notice that my face is much thinner than it was back in January.

I’ve paid for those slip-ups too.  The next afternoon sees me hit with a long wave of tiredness, and I spend all day looking for food as I am hungry.  And did I mention headaches yet?  Oh yes.  Had them too.  Do I really want to keep ingesting a substance that plays such havoc with my body?  No, not really.  Is it hard to say no to sugar?  Yes, sometimes it is; but the majority of the time it’s not.  Can I eat this way for the rest of my life?  I don’t know, but now that I don’t hear chocolate screaming my name every single afternoon, it might be possible.

Anyway folks, I just wanted to be honest about my journey.  Mostly it’s a smooth road, but sometimes you hit a speed bump or two.