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Not much to report folks, other than D’s forays into eating some sugar.  Going off sugar was always going to be hard for D as he has a real sweet tooth, and this week he’s been indulging in the odd sweet treat.  A few bits of chocolate or a handful of mints seem to have no effect on him.

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Today he ate a piece of cake at his work’s ‘Cake Club’,  Yes, you heard me, his work actually has a cake club!!!  A colleague just loves to bake, so they buy a membership which covers the cost of ingredients, and your card entitles you to so many slices of cake for the year.  Not the healthiest club you could have at your workplace.

D was a card-carrying member of the Cake Club until January, when he sold his card to another workmate.  This workmate offered D some cake today and he caved.  He regretted it as he ended up with a headache this afternoon.

David Gillespie talks about this in Sweet Poison.

Some people can have a bit of sugar in their diet and not be too affected.  Others, like him, react badly to even a tiny amount.  I am definitely in the latter camp.  I must have had something sugary in the sauce I had with lunch yesterday (I made breakfast and dinner myself, so I know there was hardly any sugar in those meals), and have been rewarded by feeling quite hungry today.  Tonight was the first time in weeks that I’ve had to eat something after dinner.

I must admit I am a little worried about D starting to add sugar back into his diet again.  One of the reasons I made it through withdrawal was that we were doing it together.  It’s much harder to stay on the wagon if everyone else around you is indulging.  Fortunately I don’t want any sugar! 🙂