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This sugar-free thing is definitely working.  I just met up with a friend who I’ve not seen for a couple of months who said ‘Woah, you look like you’ve lost 10 kilos’.  I had to say it was only 6, but people are definitely starting to notice that I look different.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my eating habits, and how much they have changed over the past 2 and a half months.  I’ve barely been conscious of some of them, while others are immediately obvious.

One thing I haven’t done much of lately is overeat.  I won’t say that this behaviour has completely gone away (the empty pizza box from yesterday’s movie night is proof of that…oh, and we watched The Help – great movie), but I am definitely not eating the quantities that I used to.  For one thing, I feel fuller for longer.  Morning tea is still happening, but I often make it to 11, 11:30am without needing to eat.  Protein with breakfast helps with curbing hunger, but I don’t always feel like it first thing in the morning.

Normally I don’t need any afternoon snack, but the other day I had quite a ‘hungry’ day.  Not sure why – possibly something I ate the day before might have had more sugar than I realised?  Anyway, at about 4:30pm I polished off half a bag of cheesy snacks.  I soon felt really full and bloated.  But I kept eating.

I felt really guilty, but then I stopped being so hard on myself.  Overeating has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time.  I would get a craving for something and stuff myself silly.  I would eat past the point where I was full, and would end up feeling really gross.  But I felt powerless to stop.  I couldn’t stop at just one or two chocolates.  Not when there was a whole box to consume.

So, as I put down those cheesy snacks, I thought ‘Hey, I haven’t actually done this in aaages.  Wow!’

Instead of beating myself up, I’m telling myself to develop a new relationship with food.  I don’t have to be its slave any more.  For me, I think one of the best things about getting rid of cravings, is that it frees me up to work my issues with food.  From what others say, appetite control can take a while to kick in, and this is not something which is going to disappear overnight.  But it definitely feels like it’s on the wane.