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Not much to report for the past few days, other than the dextrose cake I made on Sunday was…well…odd.  It was bland, and not very lemony, and rather disappointing.  Especially as everyone else was tucking into an amazing array of desserts.

Fortunately I wasn’t all that hungry so I didn’t mind, but I’ll have to keep searching for a good cake to take to special occasions that will please both me and everyone else.

My weight loss has stalled a bit this week, so I have to remind myself not to get too downhearted as I’ve lost 6 kilos already, but it is on my mind I need to lose about that much again.

D and I ran for 30 minutes this morning, and I love how good I feel afterwards.  We had a psychologist talk to my clients last week about re-training their brains.  He said basically that willpower is a waste of time as we give ourselves the wrong messages.  For example, if you tell yourself ‘I must stop smoking’, the mental picture that you create is one of you smoking.  Or ‘I must do more exercise’.  Your brain goes ‘yes, you should’, and files it away without making a lasting change in your behaviour.

It’s like when you are playing cricket and someone yells to you ‘don’t drop the ball!’  What are you likely to do?  Drop that ball.  Because your mental picture is suddenly one of you dropping that ball.  You can apply this to many things like weight loss, insomnia, drinking alcohol etc.

He said the key is to tell yourself the behaviour that you want to do.  You need to say things like ‘I am a non-smoker’ or ‘I am a good sleeper’.  So my mantra ‘I don’t eat poison anymore’ was not entirely helpful.  Now I’m telling myself ‘I eat fructose-free’ and ‘I am a runner’.

Last week’s running was a bit sporadic as it rained a lot, but we’ll have to get more disciplined as we start to move into Autumn and Winter.  Anyway, the upshot of it is – I will have to chant ‘I am a runner’ A LOT in the coming months.

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