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I don’t know about you guys, but I find it hard to only have treats on ‘special occasions’.  This is because we have special occasions here almost every week!  I’ve had a spate of friends getting engaged or getting long sought-after jobs, and relatives having milestone birthdays, not to mention one-off work events.  If I let myself eat sugary foods for each special occasion, I might as well go back to my old sugarholic ways.

So that’s why I’m now on the hunt for dextrose desserts, cakes and slices that I can take to special occasions that my friends will want to eat too.  But I will have to say ‘no’ to eating some of my own baking from time to time, as I’m afraid of letting those dextrose goodies creep  into my diet too much.

I love baking.  I’m terrible at just relaxing and doing nothing (why just watch a dvd when you can do the dishes/write an email/plan world domination etc at the same time?).  Baking helps me to relax.  I guess it’s because for the 20 or 30 minutes I’m making something, I have to concentrate only on that one thing.  My poor old brain probably goes ‘aaah’ when ever I bake.  Anyway, baking is pretty much my favourite hobby.  I sometimes bake just for myself, but usually it’s for other people.  It’s one way I show them love.  I’m quite well-known for my baking, and more than a few people were disappointed to hear their supply of sweet treats from me was being cut off.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a dextrose cake for a good friend who is leaving on an adventure to India and beyond for a few months.  She’s having a dessert party as her farewell.  If I take the cake, at least D and I will have something to eat, and hopefully everyone else will like it too.

It’s been a really foul day here – high winds, cold and wet.  And it’s only the third day of Autumn!  D and I have been super tired and cranky, and generally stayed indoors as much as we could.  I decided to make this chocolate slice – partly because I was bored being stuck inside, and partly to see how sweet I would find dextrose baking.  It turned out fine.  Not super sweet, but sweet enough.  I still don’t know if it’s one I’d give out to my friends – I’d have to tweak it a little first.  But I was pleased that my first foray into using dextrose turned out ok.