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I reached my first magic number yesterday.  Let’s just say I’ve been trying (and failing) to reach this number for a few years, and it feels blimmin’ good to have reached my first milestone.

I have 7 and a bit kilos to lose before I am eligible for free IVF treatment.  I’m hoping we don’t need to go down that route, but if we do, then I will be well on my way to the weight I need to be.  If I’d been facing this say, this time last year, I’d be looking at all that weight I needed to lose and feeling pretty damned hopeless about it.

Instead, I’m thinking ‘Seven kilos.  I can do that’.

This is the first ‘diet’ I’ve been on where I don’t feel totally deprived.  And also one that I haven’t given up on after a couple of weeks.  Lord knows, I’ve been on a few diets in my time.  I gave up on them a few years ago, after deciding that they were all pretty much a crock and actually very bad for my health.

So I really dislike calling being fructose-free a ‘diet’.  Diets imply starvation or draconian meal plans.  Being fructose-free has not dramatically changed the things I eat, other than to cut out sauces and sweet things.  I don’t have to prepare elaborate dishes or count calories, or ask the waiter to please hold the carbs from my chicken fettuccine.  I don’t feel like a social pariah at dinner parties just because I’m not eating dessert.

Obviously time will tell.  If I’m still blogging about being fructose-free in three years time, then it works. If I’m not, well, then I am just another sucker who paid good money to David Gillespie.

All I know right now is that I have lost weight and feel better than I have in ages.  Chocolate no longer calls to me (actually, I think chocolate used to YELL to me…).  And that my friends, is a miracle.