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Well, I’m back from my lovely two week holiday.  D and I had a fantastic time.  We were blessed with good weather and the beautiful NZ countryside.  We saw plenty of wild life and went on several hiking trips, and even went kayaking.  Here’s a few pictures taken by D:

We managed to keep up our running somewhat, although on certain days it was replaced by our long walks in the ‘bush’.  We were always able to find a suitable place to run, as even the tiniest towns in NZ have a sports domain (how else could we play rugby?).

Staying off sugar was harder – as we were on the road, we ate out a fair bit.  We did this for several reasons: we couldn’t be bothered cooking that night, we didn’t want to cart around meat/anything that might spoil in our car too much, we wanted to try some local delicacy, or we were eating out with friends.  For instance, on our last night we went to a Chinese restaurant that one of our friends really wanted to take us to, and pretty much everything was sugary.

What was easy:

  • Saying no to desserts/chocolates etc.  Most of the time…
  • Breakfast and lunches were fine.  Mostly cereal or toast for breakfast, and ham salad sandwiches for lunch.  Am rather over ham for now!
  • Avoiding dessert with others.  We spent a few days with relatives who knew we were fructose-free.  They eat little sugar themselves and were only too happy to accommodate us.  During our second week a friend joined us, and she also knew we were sugar-free.  She doesn’t have a big sweet tooth anyway, and was quite happy not to eat desserts (we didn’t ask her to do this, I should add!).

What was hard:

  • Finding foods we liked to eat – especially snacks.  This was because D and I like to stay in out-of-the-way places, so our food choices were very limited at times.  We stayed at Karamea (pop. 650) which is a beautiful, tranquil place.  A few eateries yes, but no cafe to solve my scone craving.
  • Having lots of time on my hands.  I definitely snacked more on the days we just lazed around reading books or watching back to back episodes of Downton Abbey.
  • Our well-meaning relatives made us dessert with honey in it thinking it was sugar-free and would therefore be ok.  D and I did the polite thing and ate it.
  • Avoiding sauces on our food when eating out.  I really notice how much we smother our food with sauces now I am fructose-free.  Many savoury things in NZ cafes will have sweet chilli sauce/chutney/bbq sauce/salad dressing/etc on them.
  • Ice cream.  I hereby admit to eating an ice cream.  D and I knew we would cave at some point during our trip as summer just isn’t summer without a bit of ice cream.  So I let myself enjoy one ice cream (on a very hot day, after a four hour hike).  It was delicious.  That delicious ice cream made me feel EXTREMELY tired the next day.  The oh-wow-I-have-to-take-a-nap-right-now sort of tired.  It took me another full day to come right.

I worried that I had gained weight, what with the ice cream, snacking and sugary sauces I had consumed.  I did gain weight.  100g.  That’s all!  I couldn’t believe those scales this morning.

Now I’m back it’s time to reign in the fructose again as much as possible.  Being fructose-free is obviously working for me.  Tomorrow I am competing in the Round the Bays challenge (a 7k fun run/walk around Wellington).  I’m looking forward to pushing out my running times more and more over the next few weeks.  I’ve also decided when I am going to let myself eat some fructose again – not until the end of March, for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  I figure by then I should be able to let myself have that one event, perhaps chanting to myself under my breath “It’s ok, party food is for parties’…