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For the past few days I have definitely noticed a big difference in how full I feel after each meal.  This feeling of fullness seems to last longer than it did before.  Right now it’s been over 2 1/2 hours since I had dinner, and I still feel very full.  The old me would probably be starting to feel hungry by now.

It’s made me realise two things:

  1. Thanks to my sugar addiction I am so out of touch with my body that I can’t tell if I’m actually hungry, or simply digesting my food!  I keep mistaking the digestion for hunger pangs.  But when I really pay attention to what my body is telling me, it’s saying ‘Nope, you’re still feeling quite sated Sanjaywa’.
  2. It sounds weird, but I am also more aware of my stomach digesting my food.  I don’t really know why this would be.

Anyway, other than these observations, it’s been a pretty typical day.  No strong feelings for anything sweet unless I see it.  It was hard to walk past a new flavour of chocolate that I spotted in the supermarket this evening (passionfruit).  Makes me wish sugar-free supermarkets could be invented.