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Apologies for the lack of posts – I’ve had a frantically busy weekend.  Today is Waitangi Day – New Zealand’s national holiday where we commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.  Nice to have a long weekend.

Saturday was D’s big birthday party, and we spent yesterday having afternoon tea with some long-lost relatives, and then had a bunch of friends over for dinner.  In other words, a lot of food-related activities!

How did I do?  Very well, thank you.  On Friday I noticed that I hardly felt hungry at all.  I had the evening to myself as D was away, and I needed to finish off a very important project.  After coming home from work I had a snack around 5pm.  Because of this, I didn’t eat dinner until 8pm and didn’t actually eat much of my dinner.

This pattern of feeling sated seems to be continuing.  I had no snacks at all during the day on Saturday. 

Saturday night was REALLY difficult, but I managed to stay away from the dazzling array of sweet treats at the party.  My mum bought some amazing cupcakes to the party, which were made by her friend who earns a damn good living out of selling cupcakes.  They looked mouth-watering.  I wanted one badly, but I had some savoury food and soon felt quite full.  My birthday is not until July, so I have requested a cupcake for my birthday as I will be well and truly off sugar by then!

Yesterday I ate afternoon tea out of politeness rather than hunger (cheese and crackers, thank goodness).  Dinner was relatively small, and I had fruit salad with cream for dessert last night with our friends.  But again, I hardly felt hungry all day. 

D had a few sweet treats for his birthday and is monitoring himself with interest to see what the effects might be.

I’ve had lots of people comment on how well I’m looking (which is polite-speak for ‘you’ve lost weight’) and my really good friends just come out with: ‘you’ve lost weight’!  I went clothes shopping yesterday and discovered I’d dropped a dress size.  Woohoo!  I’m going to be a bridesmaid for a very dear friend in October, so I feel like I’ve got plenty of time to get myself in good shape for it.

The only thing that fell by the wayside this weekend was running.  No time! But, will get back into it tomorrow.  I’ve noticed a big improvement in my muscle tone, so I want to keep going.  I’ve started to feel a bit antsy or restless on the days that I don’t go.