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This weekend has been filled with so many social events!  I’m feeling quite exhausted and could probably use another weekend to recover 🙂

For each event I was surrounded by lots of sugary treats, and I’m proud to say that I resisted all of them.  I was at a large community dinner on Friday night, and the only drink on offer was soft drink, and dessert was ice cream cones.  I found some water, and didn’t find it hard to say no to the ice cream.  I like ice cream every now and then, but have never been a big ice cream eater like most people I know (New Zealanders eat more ice cream per head of population than any other country.  Why?  Because our ice cream is so creamy and so damn good).

Saturday was a difficult temptation.  One of my best friends was celebrating her birthday, and invited us to high tea at a beautiful place called Sweet Peas in Petone.  My friend was so great when I told her I was ‘off sugar’ as she rang Sweet Peas and asked them if they could possible do slightly more savoury stuff for me.  Sweet Peas were happy to, which I thought was terrific customer service.  And really nice of my friend – I would have been perfectly happy to give my sweet treats to the others.

The food was beautiful.  They had sandwiches and and other savoury nibbles, and a mix of fruit or cheese scones.  I swapped my fruit ones for cheese ones.  The sweet treats were really cute shot-glasses of passionfruit trifle, apple tarts, and the most incredible cupcakes you’ve ever seen in your life.  I said no to all of them, although that shot glass of trifle was calling my name!  I concentrated on all the lovely treats that I could eat, and the amazing selection of teas.

On the way home in the car, I had a good conversation about being fructose-free with my friends, and they are both seriously considering giving it a go.

Today I had two more community events where morning and afternoon tea were served.  Lots and lots of cakes everywhere.  D and I were not prepared, so we didn’t have anything with us to snack on.  Fortunately we found some watermelon on offer at morning tea as we were both feeling rather hungry.

We have D’s birthday party this coming weekend, where everyone has been asked to bring a plate of food instead of presents.  D is going to indulge (it’s his birthday afterall), but I plan to have plenty of savoury things to fill me up.

D has really noticed the bad effects that sugar has on him.  He was away at a conference for several days, and stayed with friends, so he basically had little choice over what he ate.  He had quite a few sugary things and has been feeling really tired as a result.  Today he vowed to not eat sugar for quite a while.  After his party, of course.

Saying no to sugar is obviously a muscle that I need to exercise a lot, in my social life.  But I am getting some good practice in.