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One thing that I’ve discovered on the Sweet Poison forum is that everyone has a specific goal that motivated them to start going fructose-free.

For the majority, it’s to lose weight.  Others simply want to rid their body of a dangerous toxin.  Still others want to improve their health, or sleep better, or clear up their skin.  Some, like me, were motivated by the promise of getting their appetite control in check so they no longer overeat.  A few people have discovered that they have a condition called fructose malabsorption.

Today I found a new motivation.  D and I are trying to have a baby.  It’s only been a few months so we’re not at the ‘alarmed’ stage, but my age (I’m 36) and thyroid condition (I am hypothyroid, and my levels are never stable) mean that the odds are stacked against us somewhat.

Don’t ask me why, but today I googled the agency who provide free IVF treatment to New Zealanders.  I just wanted to find out about it, in case D and I have to go down that road.  I discovered I need to lose 10 kilos before I will meet the BMI requirements to get the free treatment.  It was a depressing discovery.  That’s a lot of weight to shift.

However, I have been loosing about a kilo a week without trying too hard (still eating lots of carbs while I’m in withdrawal).  We’re not even facing the IVF option yet, but it’s certainly given me plenty of motivation to keep living fructose-free.  If we do have to explore IVF down the track, hopefully my BMI will fit the criteria.

Another string in my weight-loss bow is that I have rediscovered how much I enjoy running.  I used to run long distance as a child and teenager, but got into other sports instead.  I gave up these sports when I hit university, and that’s when I really packed on the pounds.  Today I managed to get up and go for a run without D (away at a conference) pushing my groggy butt out of bed.  I found the time passed really quickly and I could have gone on for longer.  I’m not going to be hasty and push myself too far, but D and I plan to slowly increase the amount of time we are running.

Anyhow, if you have given up sugar – what’s your main motivation?