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I have always been an inveterate snacker.  Seldom would I miss morning or afternoon tea.

I would typically feel hungry around 10am, and my morning tea would tide me over until lunchtime.  I’d be hungry again around 3:30-4:00pm, and have a small snack to keep me going until dinner.  And you’d often see me foraging around for a little something around 8:30pm.

Since quitting sugar, I find that I still want morning tea.  I’m going to play around with adding more protein to my breakfasts, to see if that helps with my satiety.  This won’t be too hard as I don’t like sweet things for breakfast, and so have never been much of a cereal girl.  But my breakfast of choice is vegemite on toast.  Nectar of the gods to me, but not terribly filling.

But back to afternoon tea.  I don’t really want it.  Most days this past week I have made it until dinner without it.  (Although last night I just about ate D’s arm off because the time we ate dinner was much later than usual.)  But take today for example, I ate lunch at 12pm and still wasn’t hungry at 5pm.  Normally I’d be anxious to have a snack by that time.

In his book, Sweet Poison, David Gillespie talks about no longer needing snacks after quitting sugar.  Giving up fructose gives you back your appetite control.  You eat less at meal times, and snack less.  David states that if he eats afternoon tea these days, he won’t be able to eat all of his dinner.

I’ve noticed that D is eating less at mealtimes – I don’t know that D has though!  I don’t think my meals are getting any smaller.  I don’t expect to get my appetite under control for quite a while yet, but it is good to see that I’m making progress.