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D and I went for a run this morning.  I attempted to breathe through my nose as recommended by bearrunner.  It was a bit of a fail.  Probably because I am really sinusey (I’m just making up words now), as I am very allergic to chemicals etc.  Despite this, the run was good.  D and I have realised that we are almost ready to stop the interval training, and just run uninterrupted.  I’ve noticed a big boost in my aerobic fitness the past couple of weeks, and I’m quite confident that this is a habit that will stick.  It also helps to have D as my alarm clock.

After the run I approached the bathroom scales with trepidation after a not-so-great-foodwise weekend.  I was shocked to discover I had lost another 400g!  Only 800g away from my first magic number now.  I wasn’t organised by packing my snacks and lunch today, but I managed to find healthy sugar-free food to eat.

At my work we get given chocolate fish (a traditional kiwi marshmallow candy) for going over and above the call of duty.  We were incredibly short-staffed the last two weeks, so we all deserved one.  I handed mine back to my boss and explained I was now ‘off sugar’.  My workmates were all surprised, but generally thought going off sugar was a good thing, and that they should do it too.  But thought it would be impossible.  But you know what?  It was easy to hand back that chocolate fish.  I wasn’t hungry and didn’t even want it.

It’s not impossible.  But some days it’s not easy.  Like right now I am STARVING.  I haven’t eaten for 4 and a half hours though.  So no surprises there.