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Yesterday was much better than day 16.  I discovered I’d lost1.5kgs this week, and am only 2kg from my first magic number.  Once I have achieved this I will celebrate by buying a new top, or something like that.

I still am on a massive carb overload.  I ate lots of bread yesterday, but made sure I had plenty of protein as well.  This helped me feel fuller for longer.   But at the moment when I am hungry all I want is bread.  Which I guess is better than chocolate…

However, swapping sugar for bread isn’t a particularly healthy choice – but it’s the only thing that is helping me to feel full.  I hope these bread cravings don’t go on for too much longer or else I will start to resemble a loaf.  Or a roll.

I felt more motivated yesterday (probably a relfection of my bathroom scales result!) and kept away from tempting cafes.  D and I are increasing our running times, and I have been doing surprisingly ok at that. 

Off to read I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson.  Have a great weekend everyone.