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Ok, so after me posting for the past few days about how easy this all is, I hit the wall yesterday.

Not eating sugar just felt incredibly hard and unrealistic.  I mean, sugar is just everywhere, and it’s blimmin’ delicious.  I wanted a huge piece of chocolate cake, dammit!  I could picture myself shoving it into my mouth, and savouring every mouthful.  My resolve started to waver, big-time.

I was not organised and had to go into a cafe to grab some morning tea.  I picked up a savoury muffin, and looked longingly at the cakes and slices on offer.

I had lunch quite late, and made it until 5pm until I felt really hungry.  D and I had an evening meeting to attend and popped into the supermarket to pick some groceries and snacks.  We were in a rush, so I grabbed some potato chips and D grabbed some pretzels.  D was also finding this fructose-free thing really hard, and was grumbling that he had no snacks foods left to eat as he had OD’ed on them already.  He kept gazing wistfully at all the things he liked to eat – cakes, lollies etc.

You can imagine by the time we sat down to eat dinner at a restaurant a few hours later that we weren’t feeling pretty motivated.

The only thing that kept me going was that promise of getting my appetite control back.  I argued with myself:

Self, I know this is hard, but were you really eating healthily before this?

No…I tried to, but I was a slave to sugar.  My appetite is out of control.  I can eat a whole packet of biscuits in a day if I let myself.  But, but, but this is so hard! Waaah!

Do you want to want to be overweight and deal with health problems for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

No.  Damn you.

I did not eat anything with fructose in it at that restaurant last night.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, your motivation will wax and wane.  It’s perfectly normal, but loosing some of that early resolve is no reason to throw in the towel.  Sure, I still want that piece of cake, but I want to not be a slave to food much more.  Also – be organised!  Make sure you pack your own snacks and lunches so you are not tempted by the alluring food on offer at cafes.  Try to avoid restaurants and supermarkets on days you are feeling slack.