Yesterday was pretty unremarkable, hence my short post.

I didn’t crave anything sweet all day.  Tuesdays we have our staff meeting, and our chefs typically bring sweet treats with them.  They brought a packet of chocolate macaroon biscuits.  Resisting them felt easy as I simply wasn’t hungry at the time.

I do find eating out a bit of a minefield, as you just don’t know what the sugar content is of all the sauces that get smothered on food, and some things are impossible to get without them.  There’s a cafe in Wellington called Scopa, who do incredibly delicious Margherita pizza for $8 on Tuesday lunchtimes.  D and I ate a bucket full of pizza for lunch.  Of course, I have no idea what the sugar content of their pizza sauce was, but at least at Scopa, the sauce is not smothered on particularly thickly.  If you are ever in Wellington on a Tuesday, I thoroughly recommend Scopa’s pizza.

We had dinner quite late – I find if I don’t eat by 7pm I start climbing the walls, but that lasted me until I went to bed.