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Yesterday was the hardest day of the week for some reason, as I really craved something, anything sweet.

D and I went for run and that was ok.  It was definitely not as difficult as my Cranky McCranky day, much to D’s relief.

My diet for the day was very carb-heavy.  D bought some ciabatta loaves, which I seldom eat as I prefer wholegrain bread.  But we were going on a picnic with some of our Church, and picnics are special.  The picnic itself was great – hardly any sugary treats on offer which made the occasion much easier as I wanted a piece of cake like you wouldn’t believe.  It was a very specific craving.  My body wanted cake.  A REALLY big piece.  But instead, it got a chicken bread roll and some strawberries.

Dinner was a BBQ, and it felt wrong to eat sausages without tomato sauce.  I really must make my own sugar free sauce.  We had dinner with a friend who told us that she had once gone sugar free a few years ago, as she was diagnosed with diabetes.  She was not encouraging.  She said that she had terrible mood swings, and found going sugar free alone was too difficult (she lives on her own).  After a few months, she was back on sugar.

I think she is right.  Going sugar free on your own must be hard. You have no one to be accountable to, and no one to encourage you to keep eating fructose-free.  I’m really lucky that D is in this with me.  He’s got some goals of his own – lose his (small) pot-belly, and improve his skin.  So far he has lost almost 4 kilos in the 12 days he’s been sugar-free.  I’m also grateful for the people out there in the blogosphere and on forums, who have gone fructose-free and are reaping the health benefits.  Their stories and words of advice are keeping me motivated.  I love hearing people say ‘oh, I’ve been fructose-free for a year now’.  So I do know that it is possible.

Today hasn’t been too bad in terms of cravings.  I have felt very sleepy today, although that is probably because I slept in more than usual rather than anything sugar-related.  D and I went tramping (that’s New Zealand-speak for hiking).  Cranky McCranky came out again, and I grumbled my way up the track.  The track was very narrow, wet and slippery, and I fell once, so I feel my grumbles weren’t too unjustified.  Normally I love tramping, but the slippery track was right next to a steep cliff which looked a looooong way down.  Just a tad too terrifying for me.  I should also explain that I am very clumsy, so if anyone is going to fall off that sheer cliff face, it would be me.

On the way back we stopped at a lavender farm.  We were both tired, and that is usually the time when we would have had an ice cream or a sugary treat to keep us going.  I keep telling myself ‘It takes 30 days to make a new habit, it takes 30 days to make a new habit’.  I’m going to have to have a bunch of new habits at the ready when these trigger situations come up in the future.