Yesterday felt like slipping backwards a bit.

I felt hungry rather a lot yesterday, especially after lunch when I had to have a snack only an hour and a half later!  Ah well, like most people, it will take time before the hunger feelings start to go away.

I still haven’t had any serious cravings for sweet things where I felt like my resolve might crumble.  In fact, I can only recall thinking ‘I want that’ twice.  The first was when I saw the velvety chocolate cake that was on offer to our clients at their dinner, and the second was when I had a drink with a friend before going to see The Iron Lady at the movies.  She had a hot chocolate which is my beverage of choice, as I don’t touch coffee and I rarely have tea.  I really wanted her hot chocolate.  Instead, I ordered Camomile tea, which came with a Jaffa (that’s a chocolate sweet coated with orange).  I popped the Jaffa out of sight under my saucer.

Again, these cravings only happen when I see something.  The particular movie theatre we went to has a cafe attached to it.  The next time I go there – and there will be a next time as I’m such a movie buff – I will arrive just prior to the movie to avoid temptation at the cafe.

At work, food is everywhere and there is not much I can do about that!  It will be a good gauge to know when I have totally withdrawn from sugar and can look at a piece of chocolate cake and not want it.