The start to my day was less than gracious.  D and I went for a run, and just like on day 2, I felt like my legs were running through mud.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not move them quickly, and I trotted around the park at a snails pace.  Boy I was cranky!  Mostly just with myself.

I got on the scales and discovered I’d lost 400g overnight!  How cool is that?!  I’ve lost well over 1kg so far.  I forgot to weigh myself before I started going fructose-free, so it may be more like 2 kgs.

I’ve been pretty hungry today, but again today it seems like the times between my meals and morning and afternoon snack are getting longer.  In fact, I haven’t eaten an afternoon snack today.  It’s just after 4pm right now, and I’m a little bit hungry, but not enough to go foraging for a snack.

I’ve had great motivation to keep up my exercising too.  I’ve enrolled some of my work clients in Wellington’s Round the Bays 7k run/walk.  As part of their entry, they get free use of a gym for 3 months.  You should have seen their faces – some had never been in a gym before (and this one is flash) as a gym membership is beyond their means.  They were so excited, and already have boxing lessons lined up on Saturday.  I might just join them.  I’m also looking forward to the day of the Round the Bays itself.  We’re putting a team together made up of clients, staff and volunteers.  It will be heaps of fun, but mostly I think it will help to break down some of the them vs us barriers that exists between our clients and the people that help them.