After weighing myself yesterday, I discovered that I’ve lost 600g since I’ve started going sugar-free.  This is despite my fatty treat-laden day on Saturday.

I’d slept really badly yet again, and D was unable to coax me out of bed to go for a run.  I needed more zzzz’s.

Throughout the day I was aware that I ate a little bit less than I used to.  And the times between main meals and snacks are getting longer.

I couldn’t finish all of my cereal at breakfast, and didn’t have morning tea until 11am (I had another of my home-made scones).  I couldn’t eat all of my lunch.  I didn’t really think about food for the rest of the afternoon until about 4pm, when I had a strawberry, more out of habit I think, than hunger.  After dinner I didn’t feel hungry until around 9pm, at which point I had a small piece of cheese.

Something interesting I have discovered is that the feeling I have been mistaking for hunger all these years is simply my stomach digesting the food.

I’ve avoided all temptation so far.  At yesterday’s staff meeting our chefs brought out some blueberry friands.  I wanted one, don’t get me wrong, but I simply  repeated my mantra to myself  – “I don’t eat poison anymore”.  The miracle of miracles is that over the past few days, despite being hungry and wanting yummy treats when I see them, I have hardly craved sweet things at all when they are out of sight.  Just amazing!  Previously, I would fight my urge to have a chocolate bar or some sweets after lunch, and would typically give in to this craving.  I haven’t sat at my desk thinking ‘Need chocolate…must have chocolate…’ once this week.