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Yesterday was my 1 week mark!  Yay!

My raging appetite has calmed down.  I only ate slightly more than what I would have eaten before going sugar-free.

Breakfast was Vegemite on toast, and a scone for morning tea.  Lunch was couscous with a bit of ham, capsicum and feta thrown in. I was hungry by 2:30pm so I had another scone and a couple of strawberries, which is a bigger snack than I would normally have.  Dinner was a mish-mash bbq  of sausages, and pumpkin and parmesan fritters with salad.

We had some watermelon set aside for dessert, but I didn’t even think about it for the rest of the night.  A week ago, I would have looked for something sweet around 7:30, 8:00pm.

I have been fascinated to observe how much I use food for purposes other than fuelling my body.

I’ve mentioned before that I work for a social service agency that supplies food to the homeless and marginalised.  Normally we get around 70-80 people through our doors a night, but it’s been really busy lately.  Last night we had well over 110.  It was a bit of a crazy night, we even ran out of food.  As the night was coming to an end at 6pm I thought ‘maybe I could have a Freddo?’ until I remembered I don’t poison myself anymore.  My point is, a sweet hit was how I would restore myself to some kind of equilibrium after a bit of stress.  Of course, if you’ve read Sweet Poison, you’ll know that this sugar hit like this would do anything but restore my equilibrium!

I also know I use food to:

  • treat myself
  • treat others
  • show love to others (look, I’ve made these double chocolate muffins for you!)
  • console myself if I’ve had a bad day

I’m sure there are many, many more.  What I’m hoping, is that once I get some appetite control back I will be free to work on these food triggers and all of those emotional issues I (and most people) have around food.