2014 - Fat Girl Can Run

Week 1 is over.  Weighed in today with a loss of 800g for the week!  WOOHOO! 

Now I know some die-hard dieters would say “Is that all? You should lose more than that in week 1, usually 2 kilos”, but you know what?  This isn’t a diet.  This is a new life.  And it is working.  “Sweet Poison” says not to expect to lose anything in the first few weeks and goodness knows with all that I’ve gobbled down this week you wouldn’t expect weight loss (particularly the day after a night of pizza debauchery), but there you have it – 800g in the bag.

“What about the pizza?” you say?  Oh, the pizza, the pizza, the wonderful pizza.  We did not notice the absence of sugar at all.  The pizzas were absolutely delicious.  The bacon and egg pizza, unspoiled by added sugar and enhanced by fresh eggs layed only…

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