I had a really lovely day today – mostly due to cool things happening at work, and skyping one of my best friends tonight.  But foodwise, it was pretty good too.

I had some cereal (which of course, was very low in sugar), and my absolute favourite thing in the world – Vegemite on toast.  It didn’t fill me up like the eggs and bacon did, but I can only handle so many eggs (I couldn’t eat D’s frittata last night, too eggy).  I had times when I felt hungry, but probably no more than I did before giving up sugar.

As it was my ‘date night’ with my husband, I wanted to make something special for dinner.  I tried to make a sugar free chocolate pudding recipe (chuck a banana, an avocado, cocoa and vanilla into a blender) that said you could add stevia, but the person who posted the recipe said she thought it was sweet enough without it. I deliberately had no other fruit today as bananas are high in fructose.  Anyway…it was NOT sweet.  I added a bit of stevia but that didn’t help much.  The consistency was really good though, and we’re going to try it again in three or four weeks time to see if it tastes any sweeter to us.

I felt quite energetic today, and just really calm and happy.  Again, possibly just down to the good day at work/catching up with friends thing.  Or possibly it’s just my body feeling better?

Poor D hated the pudding by the way.  He’s on day 3, and has been battling headaches, but generally doing well.