About a month ago, my husband and I took up running.  Now, before I sound like some gym-bunny, let me tell you that we are doing something called ‘Couch to 5k’.  Basically this means we are doing interval training.  You walk for a bit, run for a bit, walk for a bit etc.  We use a phone app – it tells us to run, and we do it.  Quite Pavlovian really…

My husband is much fitter than I am, so he often laps me as we run around our local park, but even in the four and a bit weeks that we’ve been running, I’ve noticed an improvement in my fitness.

I am not a morning person, and my husband (let’s call him D from now on to save words) often has to push me out of bed to go for our run.  He’s got it down to a fine art.  Even though I am not terribly fit, I have enjoyed running, and usually look forward to it.  It hasn’t been too hard and I feel good afterwards.

Well, I don’t know if this is a sugar-withdrawal thing, but man today’s run was hard!!!  I didn’t feel puffed out, but I ran barely faster than my normal walking pace, and felt like I was dragging my carcass around that park.  Ugh.  My muscles and joints were protesting all the way, but I finished that damn run.

I felt like this…

This morning D made us scrambled eggs after a really nice fructose-free person on the Sweet Poison forum suggested I would feel less hungry if I had protein with breakfast.  They were right.  I didn’t feel hungry for a couple of hours.

So far today I’ve been feeling hungry, but not as I-could-gnaw-my-own-arm-off hungry as I did yesterday.  Slight headache, and crankiness – yep, got those too.

Withdrawing from addictive substances is hard, and the hunger, headache and crankiness are only serving to tell me how much of a sugar addict I am.

D is going fructose-free today, as he is going back to work today.  I’m looking forward to comparing notes.  I’m expecting my sugar withdrawal to take much longer than his, because of the differences in the way men and women process sugar.  Anyway, I’m hoping that if he can get through this, then that will encourage me to keep on going.