I’d hoped today would be easy.  I mean, my body wouldn’t register that it hadn’t had sugar for just a few hours, right?

So, so wrong.  I have been ravenously hungry pretty much since 9:30 this morning.

I joined the Sweet Poison forum a few days ago, and there is some great advice for newbies like me on it.

Fortunately I decided to follow this advice, and armed myself with some popcorn and a coke zero to graze on until lunchtime.  However, by 11:00am I was so hungry I ate the ham sandwich that I’d bought with me for my lunch.  I rushed off to the supermarket during my lunch break to buy a second lunch (sushi) and get a selection of sugar-free snacks that I can munch on for the rest of the week while I’m at work.

I took the opportunity to check out some food labels while I was at the supermarket.  It was a seriously shocking experience.  If you’d like to recreate this experience at home, just go check out the contents of your pantry.  That little line that you’ll find under carbohydrates on the nutritional information panel on your food will give you a few shocks once you know that we should only eat a maximum of 10g of sugar a day.  I looked at a fancy-schmancy organic raw food bar that costs $6 a pop.  It contained 26g of sugar.  I checked out baked beans (as I find them filling and thought they might help with my gnawing hunger) and they all contained between 9g-14g of sugar per serving.  No wonder we are sugar addicts!

I literally thanked God when I got to one of my favourite snack foods, hummus, and found that it was very low in sugar.  Because a girl can only eat so much popcorn.

Tonight I had fish with rice and raita (made with unsweetened yoghurt).  It was only an hour ago, and I am starting to feel hungry again.

Off to read more stories about how people got through their withdrawals…if you have a story about how you did this, I’d love to hear from you.