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I’ve started this sugar-free journey because I read a book.  The book scared the crap out of me!  But it also made a lot of sense.

Anyway, damn you David Gillespie,  this is all your fault.

David’s book, ‘Sweet Poison’ explains why sugar makes you fat, and how you can overcome your sugar addiction.  Basically, today’s humans eat a ton more sugar than we did 100 years ago.  It’s hard to escape it.  It’s in your breakfast cereal, your fruit juice, your salad dressing, your yoghurt, your ketchup, your Thai takeaway.

David says that if you can go cold turkey on sugar, you can lose your sweet tooth forever.  What is driving me the most to try Sweet Poison’s recommendations is that once you have withdrawn from sugar, you get your appetite control back.  I would love that!  I can graze all day and not feel full.  I can eat ridiculous amounts of food and be looking for more half an hour later.  According to David, once you have kicked the sugar habit, you simply don’t want sugary treats, and you don’t overeat.

This book was recommended to me by my doctor after going to him with a seemingly endless myriad of health problems.  The book came into my hands in early December, but my husband (who is going sugar-free with me) and I wisely decided to put off going sugar-free until after the sugary-treat laden Christmas holidays.  So you see, this is not a New Year’s resolution blog.  But I’m really hoping for a healthier new year!

Tonight is the eve of me giving up sugar.  I’ve started this blog to help me sift through all the feelings and cravings I am bound to have over the next few weeks. It ain’t gonna be pretty.